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Growth Strategy

Potential and measures

The Company is generating its growth through the collection of royalties from the owned leases and own realization of shallow drilling in the properties.

The Company is currently attempting to secure financing in Europe of $5 to $10 million during the next eighteen months. This funding would be used primarily for development of rare earth‐ and precious metal leases in the United States and Eastern Europe, for purchase of Energy and mining leases and other corporate requirements for the ongoing Company development.

The strategy to generate the most profits out of the royalties is a proven success model as companies like Royal Gold, Inc. demonstrate successfully.

On the other hand the investments are relatively low. In the first step ROYE is making a small profit by selling the property and long term‐ as a second phase ‐ the Company is benefitting from the royalties in conjunction with mining activities. Inc.’s leases: Powertech Uranium Corp. based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has proposed a $20,000,000 uranium mine in Weld County, CO. The permit is currently in the process for approval. At a current price the uranium would be worth over $500 million.
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