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Business Model

Operations ‐ Strategy & Objectives
Target Markets (Oil and U.S. / Romania)

Operations - Strategy & Objectives

Our business model is focused on the acquisition of leases for promising properties.

There are two options: Either own development of the properties with research and mining concessions or collection of the royalties as a business model which is generation fast revenues without high or long term investments in properties.

The Company is currently pursuing gold, silver, copper and rare earth metals mining concessions in Romania, Bulgaria and Canada and mining leases in the United States. If successful, the Company plans to concentrate its efforts to develop these properties. During the three month period ended May 31, 2011, the Company acquired app. 2,770 acres of rare earth and precious metal leases in Crook County Wyoming.

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Target Market ‐ Oil

„OPEC crude oil production, as per secondary sources, increased by 520,000 barrels per day in 2010 compared to the previous year, to average 29,23 million barrels per day (2% increase).. .

NON‐OPEC supply

In 2010, non‐OPEC supply experienced a strong growth of 1,12 million b/d compared to the previous year. The growth was supported by increase in crude, non‐conventional oil, bio fuels and natural gas liquid (NGL) production. Both conventional and non‐conventional productions supported the growth of the non‐OPEC supply equally.

The output increase was the highest since 2002 and was supported mainly by supply growth in the U.S., China, Russia, Brazil, Canada and Columbia.... U.S. oil supply achieved the highest growth in 2010 compared with all non‐OPEC countries.“

Target Markets – U.S. / Romania

The activities and operations in the U.S. have been initiated as Mr. Roth was involved in raising capital as a consultant 25 years ago and generated a profound market knowledge during several years.

ROYE´s expansion into other markets as Romania, with local presence and mining activities is based on the potential the area is offering. The Company is advised by a law firm providing excellent standing and local relations.

Romania has a long history in this respect. 500 years ago rich deposits and resources of gold and silver have been found.

Other companies are present in Romania. Gabriel Resources Ltd. (listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange) just received concessions for mining. European Gold Fields Ltd., also listed at Toronto Stock Exchange has a subsidiary in Romania.

Target Market ‐ Oil

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