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Investor Relations

Stock Information and Development
Results for the last 3 quarters (per May 2011)
Revenue Projections for 2012‐2015
Investment Perspective
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Stock Information and Development

stock information
Share structure: app. 85 Million outstanding; authorized app. 100 Mio.; free trading 39 Mio.

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Results for the past 3 quarters (per May 2011)

Per today the Companies owns app. 7,800 acres for oil and gas mining, reflecting a ground value of estimated $200‐300 per acre.

Net Loss $187,953
Interest 5,884
EBIDA $182,069

Revenue Projections for 2012‐2015

2012: $400.000   2013: $600.000   2014: $700.000   2015: $800.000

These figures are forward looking projections based on the Company getting the planned funding of $10.000.000 to finance the planned growth‐ and expansion strategies. It is impossible to give an accurate prediction of such dynamic markets as
there are many global influencing factors. For example the financial crisis had a positive effect on the gold market. In 2011 China is buying gold as a hedge against inflation. Due to public debt and the FED’s monetary policy, private investors in the U.S. are focusing on gold as a hedge against inflation and volatile stock markets. On the other hand market demand can decrease out of a sudden too.

It is not possible for ROYE’s management to anticipate the global development regarding politics, crisis and trends in the economy. But in general gold and rare earth elements are in demand right now.

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Investment Perspective

Reasons to Invest

“U.S. oil price increases over 100 US‐Dollar mark. The price for WTI oil was climbing to its highest level since 6 weeks with a plus of 1,8%….” (Handelsblae 21th of July 2011)

“U.S. oil and natural gas rig count increases by 1 this week. Washington Post reports that the number of U.S. rigs exploring for oil and natural gas climbed by one this week to a total of 1,887.” (Washington Post 08th of July 2011)

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. (OTCBB R.O.Y.E.) represents an emerging player in oil & gas‐ and uranium royalties in the U.S. and is enhancing this impact to gold and silver reserves in Romania. These activities could unlock significant value for shareholders.

Royal Energy Resources is an emerging Company in the U.S. working to sustain tomorrows energy resources and availability. ROYE is also an investment in United States of America’s future.

“It is our major intention to seek out attractive oil and gas mineral rights royalty interests and working with experienced partners to develop the properties in the most valuable way. I believe that our general approach, investing not much to get the rights in the first line and generate attractive revenues later out of the sold royalties is a win-win model and also securing the investors a carful method to work with this capital.”

(Jacob Roth, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and President of Royal Energy Resources, Inc.)

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